AccuLens Education Campaigns Terms & Conditions


AccuLens is proud to offer the opportunity for your practice to participate in our new, revolutionary digital education and marketing system to build your practice. The AccuLens IQ Education Campaigns (Program) provides marketing services from Eye IQ into one easy to administer package that can be paid 100% through our New New AccuLens Marketing Rewards Program.


Payment Options:

AccuLens IQ Education Campaigns can be 100% paid through our new AccuLens IQ Marketing Rewards Program. AccuLens will bill your account direct each month and will apply reward dollars based on product schedule reimbursement and will credit lab account based on utilization each month to offset cost.


Payment Authorization:

By executing the agreement, the customer understands the scope of the services included and the fees associated with the Program.



The Program will continue in perpetuity until cancellation by either party. Customers may cancel the Program any time after the initial three-month period with a 30-day advance written notice. Send email cancellation request to, or mail to AccuLens, 5353 W. Colfax Avenue, Denver, Colorado 80214.


AccuLens has the right to cancel your Program services if you are not earning enough rewards and/or you choose not to make other payment options to cover the costs for this Program.


Program Services


Initial Setup

Once you are enrolled for the Program, a consultant from AccuLens will contact you to set up the "Profile" for your practice. During this one-time process we will be designing the branding elements for all of your future campaign materials including colors, logos, addresses, social media, action links, and more. Once your profile is setup, all campaigns delivered through the Program will be automatically branded for your practice using the latest in technology from AccuLens IQ Patient Education Center.


Multiple Channels of Delivery

Your materials will be ready for delivery through all forms of digital media channels available through the Program including email, social media, on the Web and mobile compatible content. We can also provide links to add to your existing email appointment scheduling system, if desired. Most email appointment scheduling systems are compatible with the links provided.


Patient Education Materials:


Video – AccuLens IQ Campaigns use video to deliver patient education throughout all of the digital media channels. Videos can be viewed on all devices including Web, smart phones and tablets with Internet access.


Video branding – Each AccuLens IQ campaign video will be branded for your practice during the opening video segment.


Additional videos – In addition to the AccuLens IQ campaign videos delivered, there is also a full library of educational videos included with this Program at no additional charge. The Program includes a series of general topic eye care education videos from the AccuLens IQ video library, as well as a large selection of videos from non-competing eye care products. You can add any of the videos from the library to your play list for distribution at any time. Note that only the AccuLens campaign videos are specifically branded for your practice.


Adding custom videos – Participating practices can add custom videos or approved, non-competing videos to the AccuLens IQ Patient Education Center for delivery through any/all of the digital media channels. There is no charge to upload up to three (3) custom videos into your AccuLens IQ Center, up to 5 minutes in length each. Additional video uploads are $65.00 each (one-time fee) for videos up to 5 minutes in length each, and will be invoiced directly by AccuLens.


Competing products - No product video or content that directly competes with Acculens products is allowed to be loaded into the AccuLens/Eye IQ Patient Education System without the prior written authorization from AccuLens.


Videos for Your Website – Embedding AccuLens and other educational videos into your Website is an important part of the Program. Your AccuLens IQ consultant will assist in setting up a series of AccuLens and other selected videos to be embedded throughout your Website using our powerful API tools and custom video player. We will recommend where the videos should be placed and how they can be best used throughout your Website. Once the API graphics and links have been created for your Website, your Webmaster will be required to simply copy and paste the codes provided into the appropriate locations of your Website. A fee from your Webmaster may apply for the placement of the Acculens IQ video embed codes into your Website.


Web Landing Page – A web landing page is provided for each new campaign, branded and hosted for your practice. It's the marketing hub where patients are directed for additional information. It features the campaign video, product information, and action items such as scheduling an appointment.


Video Email – Video email is highly recommended and is one of the most proven methods for successfully delivering education to your patients. A series of 2-3 video emails per AccuLens IQ campaign are prepared and ready for delivery to your list of patients. Up to 5,000 email sends per month are included with participation in the AccuLens IQ Campaigns. We will assist you with importing your email contacts into the AccuLens IQ email system and keeping your list up-to-date. If you choose to deliver more than 5,000 email sends per month (or 15,000 email sends per quarterly campaign), you have the option to purchase additional email sends directly from AccuLens for $.01 per send.


Social Media Posts – A series of 2-4 social media posts with and without video are provided with each campaign. You can also use the built-in AccuLens IQ Social Media Manager to schedule all of your own Facebook and Twitter social media posts up to a year in advance. You can use any of the social media content provided, or create your own. Your practice must have a Facebook and/or Twitter page to use the Social Media Manager.


Modifications to Materials – Your patient campaign materials will be branded and ready for delivery. Minor modifications to the copy and selected content can easily be made at no charge. However, full customization of the materials including new layouts and new graphics is not recommended. Fees may apply for special customization of your materials.


Staff Training

Staff training and involvement is essential to the success of any marketing program. So prior to each campaign staff training materials can be delivered electronically to your team via email using the Acculens IQ Staff Training Center. Your staff will know exactly what campaign is running and how they can participate. Materials provided may vary by campaign but can include a PowerPoint presentation, staff handout, and/or links to AccuLens IQ Education Center for additional product knowledge. Staff training materials are not specifically branded for your practice, but the copy and information provided can be modified for your practice prior to delivery. Your AccuLens IQ marketing consultant can assist with minor modifications to your staff training materials.


Tracking Your Success

To view the results of your AccuLens Campaign, log on to Eye IQ to view your AccuLens IQ statistics in real time. You’ll see how many people viewed your materials, along with action items such as scheduling an appointment.


AccuLens IQ Tools

Each of the AccuLens IQ Education Campaigns are scheduled for you. As an add benefit, all of the AccuLens IQ tools are also available for your practice as a self-service tool at no extra cost ($.01 per email send over 5,000 per month applies). This means your practice can deliver any of your own "non-competing" content including videos, custom videos, local advertising campaigns, and other educational information at any time using the powerful set of AccuLens IQ tools. The self-service tools are easy to use and the AccuLens IQ staff will provide training at no charge.


Privacy and Security Policies


Privacy Policy

For all customers of the Program, we will keep and maintain all confidential information in confidence and to not disclose any such confidential information to any person or company who is not an agent or employee of AccuLens or its Program partners, unless it is expressly authorized for other use by the customer. A customer constitutes any private or public entity that is currently, or has purchased goods or services at any time from AccuLens or its Program partners.


Any nonpublic information provided to AccuLens or its Program partners about customers, or the practice's customers shall constitute confidential information. All AccuLens and Program partner employees who work with or are exposed to any such confidential information shall be informed of this agreement and obligations.


We reserve the right to disclose confidential information as required by law and when we believe that disclosure is necessary to protect our rights and/or comply with a judicial proceeding, court order, or legal process.


Email Privacy Policy

AccuLens and its Program partners, and the Campaign email service, will NEVER use your customer lists except at your direction. We will not rent or sell email lists or any information you supply regarding your list of customers. At all times, you retain ownership of your lists and list information. We safeguard the information within the Campaign Software Application and access it only to assist you in managing your account. All users are required to comply with CAN-SPAM regulations and other laws dictating the use of email.


Eye IQ Security Policy

The Eye IQ Patient Education Center is a fully secured system with hosting facilities that are HIPAA compliant and SSAE16 certified. Our hosting system has Tier 2 level of security that is guarded 24/7 in a lock-down environment, along with multiple layers of online protections including:



For questions about the AccuLens IQ Education Campaigns, contact the AccuLens IQ team at 800-525-2470 or